Project Type: access ramp down to underground parking

Construction: fitted on base tarmac and covered with 50mm tarmac surface

System: HDS bespoke heated mats, fitted as 4 x heated 600mm wide tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 45m long, downhill ramp

Bespoke heated driveway system for luxury housing development

A heated driveway was required for the steep and sharply curved driveway down to underground parking in this luxury development in a rural setting.


HDS designed and installed 8 bespoke heating mats controlled by air temperature and moisture sensors. The total electrical load of 34Kw was split via the 8 heating mats (300w/sqm). Fitted on to base tarmac, the heat mats were ready for the surface tarmac instantly and the total time by HDS on site was 1 day.

The result was a fully automated and energy efficient heated driveway, more than capable of withstanding the desired traffic load and in keeping with the surrounding environment.