Project Type: steep road down to luxury private garage

Construction: fitted on a tarmac base and covered with 50mm tarmac surface coat before a resin bound topping was added

System: made to order heated drive mats, fitted as 2 x 600mm wide heated tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 45m long, with a steep gradient down to parking area

Luxury private home with a long steep drive down to the parking and house which include a tight turning area

With this project, it was important that to avoid the need for grit or salt which could damage the surface but equally, any installation needed to be in keeping with the rest of the build.


HDS designed and installed 5 bespoke heated mats to include the turning area. The total electrical load of 21.25Kw was spread out over the 6 mats (300w/sqm). A resin bound topping was added to achieve the desired look.

The system was quick to install and works by air temperature and moisture sensors, making it cost and energy efficient as well as being fully automated.