Project Type: long, steep road down to private house and garage

Construction: fitted on a concrete base and covered with 50mm sand and block paving

System: custom made heated mats made by HDS, fitted as 2 x 600mm wide heated tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 45m long, with a steep gradient down to parking area

Luxury private home with a long steep driveway to garage and a sharp turn to the area in front of the house

Working in a small area, HDS designed 5 heated driveway mats which were installed in one day with attractive block paving to finish.


The total electrical load of 21.25Kw was spread out over the 5 mats (300w/sqm) and because the system works by air temperature and moisture sensor, the result is cost and energy efficient. It’s a fully automated system which switches on if there is moisture in the air and the temperature drops below a certain level, thereby causing a risk of ice. It switches off when not required.

The homeowners were delighted that the simple introduction of a heated driveway system meant they have safe, all weather access to their home and garage.