Project Type: prestigious property with very steep drive to private parking area

Construction: fitted on top of old mastic asphalt and covered with a new 50mm layer of mastic asphalt

System: made to order heated drive mats, fitted as 2 x 1.2mm wide heated tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 18m steep ramp into parking area

A beautiful and historic mansion house with a steep and narrow access ramp down to parking

For this beautiful house, HDS designed a 3 heated mat system, automatically controlled by air temperature and moisture sensors.


The total electrical load of 12.8Kw was spread out over the mats (300w/sqm) and installation took just a day. The mastic asphalt finish was applied straightway, keeping inconvenience to a minimum and meaning the final finish was in keeping with the build.

The result was an energy efficient heated drive system which ensures safe access all year round.