Project Type: heated access ramp to underground parking

Construction: fitted on base tarmac and covered with 50mm tarmac surface

System: made to order HDS driveway heat mats, fitted as 2 x 600mm wide tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 60m long, steep and curved access to housing development

Bespoke heat mats for long access road to upmarket housing

This long, curved and steep driveway and access to this prestigious development needed to be kept safe throughout winter for the many residents.


HDS made and installed 6 heat mats controlled by an ice and snow melting control which uses air temperature and moisture sensors. The total electrical load of 26Kw was spread over the 6 bespoke mats (300w/sqm). The heat mats were fitted on base tarmac with a tarmac surface and tracks were used to make the installation more economical.

The heated driveway is now maintenance free and fully in keeping with the idyllic surrounding parkland.