Project Type: steep road down to family home and double garage

Construction: fitted on base tarmac and covered with 50mm tarmac surface

System: bespoke heated driveway system, fitted as 2 x 600mm wide heated tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 49m long, very steep ramp with sharp turn into garage

Mixed housing development requiring safe access to underground parking

This steep driveway also had a steep drop to the side, so it was essential to avoid ice and snow build up in the winter to ensure the residents’ safety. In addition, a parking space and drive to a garage needed to be protected.


HDS designed and installed 5 heating mats to ensure the tyre tracks were always clear and safe even in the harshest winter conditions. Due to limited power supply on site, the mats were installed as three separate zones that could be operated independently of each other. This allowed the main drive and the drive to the garage to be operated on a cyclic timer, and the parking area was set up on a simple manual switch. The total electrical load of 21.3Kw was spread out on 5 bespoke driveway heating mats (300w/sqm).

The main system was installed using automatic air temperature and moisture sensors which ensure the system heats up when required and switches off once the risk of ice and snow has passed.

The resulting driveway met the needs of all stakeholders and was a cost-effective safety measure.