Project Type: steep and angled driveway into underground parking as part of a redevelopment

Construction: fitted to the concrete reinforcement steel with cable ties, and then incapsulated in the concrete ramp construction

System: 5 heated driveway cables

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 29m steep and curved ramp into parking area

Residential redevelopment project with steep, curved ramp

This complex redevelopment involved the demolition of the existing house and erection a two storey building to provide self-contained flats with underground parking, cycle store, amenity space, refuse and recycling.


HDS installed 5 heated driveway cables, operated by an ice and snow melting controls triggered by air temperature and moisture sensors. The total electrical load was 14.85Kw (300w/sqm).

The result was a fully automated and energy efficient heated driveway system which ensured the residents had safe, all weather access to the underground area.