Project Type: drive down to residential underground parking

Construction: fitted on base tarmac and covered with 50mm tarmac surface

System: HDS bespoke driveway mats, fitted as 2 x 1.2m wide tracks

Time on site: 1 day

Size – length / gradient: 27m long and steep

Bespoke heated drive mats for safe access to underground parking

A heated drive was required for this short but steep and sharply curved drive to basement parking. As a luxury development, reliability, ease of use and energy efficiency were paramount.


HDS installed 4 made to order heating mats controlled by air temperature and moisture sensors which automatically melt ice and snow. The heating system also automatically switches off when no longer required.

The total electrical load of 17Kw was spread over the 4 bespoke heating mats (300w/sqm). The heat mats were fitted on base tarmac with a tarmac surface as tracks, a cost effective measure that avoids the need to heat the entire width of the drive.

The heated driveway system will keep the drive free of ice and snow in even the worse weather and the finished surface blends attractively with the rest of the development.