Heated Ramp Cable
Heating cable designed especially for outdoor ice and snow melting systems. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions outdoor heating cables must deal with on building sites, when being covered with tarmac, mastic asphalt, concrete or sand and block paving.
Designed with an extra 3rd layer of sacrificial 1.2mm PVC insulation on both the heating cable and the cold-lead cable, to protect it against mechanical damage, this cable forms the base of nearly all the systems HDS sell and install.
The extra 1.2mm sacrificial outer insulation also means it can be directly covered with hot tarmac and mastic asphalt, saving time and costs, compared to a conventional heating cable installation.
The 55W/m HDS cable offers great value for money when compared to conventional in-screed / ramp heating cables and trace heating cables running at 20W/m or 30W/m, and the installation time is also greatly reduced. In some cases, it takes less than half the standard installation time.
The HDS cables can be supplied with 10m, 15m, 20m or 25m cold-leads, making the need for extending cold-leads and unsightly cabinets with cable joints unnecessary in most cases.
We always recommend our cable systems be controlled by one of OJ ice and snow melting controls, with temperature and 2 moisture sensors to ensure the system runs efficiently and automatically.
Cables made by HDS in the UK and supplied with a 10 Year warranty.

Suitable For:

Concrete: Cables fixed to concrete reinforcement mesh, before concrete is poured, or HDS bespoke mats fixed between 2 layers of concrete.
Tarmac: Cables or HDS bespoke mats fixed between a solid base and
a minimum 50mm layer of tarmac.
Resin: Cables or HDS bespoke mats fitted under concrete or tarmac before resin-bound surfacing is applied.
Block paving and paving slabs: Cables or HDS bespoke heating mats, fitted under 50mm sand and block paving or paving slabs.
Suitable for installation beneath virtually any exterior surface. Please contact us if you have any project you want help with.



HDSC-20-1100-1520M CABLE – 1100W WITH 15M COLD-LEAD
HDSC-40-2200-1540M CABLE – 2200W WITH 15M COLD LEAD
HDSC-61-3355-1561M CABLE – 3355W WITH 15M COLD-LEAD
HDSC-81-4455-1581M CABLE – 4455W WITH 15M COLD LEAD


HDSC-20-1100-2020M CABLE – 1100W WITH 20M COLD-LEAD
HDSC-40-2200-2040M CABLE – 2200W WITH 20M COLD LEAD
HDSC-61-3355-2061M CABLE – 3355W WITH 20M COLD-LEAD
HDSC-81-4455-2081M CABLE – 4455W WITH 20M COLD LEAD
HDSC-40-2200-2540MCABLE – 2200W WITH 25M COLD LEAD
HDSC-61-3355-2561MCABLE – 3355W WITH 25M COLD-LEAD
HDSC-81-4455-2581MCABLE – 4455W WITH 25M COLD LEAD
HDSC-20-1100-2520M CABLE – 1100W WITH 25M COLD-LEADv

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage240V
Cable load55W per meter
Max running temp90°C
Output range1100W,2200W,3355W, 4455W
Range20m, 40m, 61m, 81m
Coverage at 300W/m2 3.6m2 to 14.8m2
Cable thickness10mm
Cable flexibilityMinimum radius 100mm
IP RatingIPX7
Insulation on heating wires0.8mm silicon rubber (2G)
Second layer insulationPVC 0.8mm
3rd layer sacrificial insulationPVC 1.2mm
Earth protection100% aluminium earth shield with drain wire
Cable reinforcementFibreglass strands
Cold-leadTwin + earth, double insulted +
3th layer of 1.2mm sacrificial
Cold-lead thickness12mm
Cold-lead length10m, 15m, 20m or 25m
Warrenty10 years

Compliant with

  • Low voltage directive 2014/35/EU
  • IEC 60800:2009 ed.3
  • For installation into concrete and hot asphalt according to class M2.
  • Conform to RoHS3.Compliant with 17th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, 2006/95/EC

This cable is designed for outdoor use only and must always be installed within a substrate.