HDS is an approved Heat Mat installer. We CAN supply and install all Heat Mat products related to heated driveways, ramps and walkways.

Driveway heating cable with 15m coldtail

Heat Mat 50W/m ice and snow melting cable.

A high-quality uniquely designed cable suitable for heating beneath virtually any exterior surface. The cable forms the major part of HDS’s industry leading ice and snow melting systems for ramps, driveways, car parks, pathways and steps.

The sacrificial outer layer of insulation enables the cable to be directly covered with hot asphalt, saving time and costs when compared to a conventional heating cable installation.



The high output cable ensures that installation time is kept to a minimum as roughly half the cable length is required compared to a conventional ramp heating cable.

The cable offers great value for money when compared to trace heating cables and also benefits from a fixed-wattage output, simplifying the electrical connections and supply.

As the cable requires the same electrical feed (whatever the conditions), the required Amp rating of the supply does not vary as it would with trace heating.

All systems should be controlled by one of HDS’s ice and snow melting thermostats, which use temperature and moisture sensors to ensure the system runs efficiently.

To simplify installation, a professional grade metal drum can be purchased to allow easy unspooling of the heating cable on site. A full refund is provided if the drum is returned to HDS following installation.

  • Suitable for installation beneath virtually any exterior surface
  • Hot asphalt can be poured directly onto the cable, allowing a speedy and cost-efficient installation
  • Constant wattage output simplifying the electrical supply requirements
  • High output per linear metre ensures a fast installation due to the low number of cable runs
  • When used with one of HDS’s intelligent thermostat timers, provides an exceptionally energy-efficient ice and snow melting system
  • 3-phase systems and bespoke sizes of heating cable are available for large projects where required
  • A cost-effective option for ramp heating; outputs of up to 400W/sqm are possible if a particularly fast-reacting system is required
  • Very cost effective to operate; in an average winter the system could be required to run for roughly 30 hours, meaning an electricity cost of less than £1 per metre

Technical Specification

Supply voltage230V+/-10%
Maximum load55W per meter
Coverage at 250W/m2 4.2m2 and 17.0m2
Coverage at 300W/m2 3.5m2 and 14.2m2
Coldtail lead5m double insulated cable
Wire thickness10mm
Cable flexibilityMinimum radius 100mm
IP ratingIPX7
Inner insulation0.8mm silicon rubber (2G)
Second layer insulationPVC (105) 90oC
Sacrificial insulationPVC 1.2mm
Earth protection100% aluminium earth shield
Cable reinforcementFibreglass strands
UV stabilityUV stable, not suitable for open air use
Fixing materialsChoice of methods available
Compliant with7 t h 1Edition IEE Wiring Regulations,


Heat Mat: ICE-50W-1050

21m Long 1050w ice and snow melting cable

Heat Mat: ICE-50W-4250

85M Long, 4250w ice and snow melting cable

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