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11kW Snow melting thermostat with moisture detection option

Type: ETO2

An intelligent all-in-one solution for ice and snow melting for use in all applications within hydronic as well as electrical heating. Optimal operation is ensured due to output control which makes the system both effective and economical. ETO2 offers you the possibility of snow melting – the green way.

Thermostat functions for minimal energy use

Using readings from temperature and moisture sensors, the controller ensures economical control of power consumption when keeping outdoor areas and roofs free of ice and snow. The moisture sensor is installed in the surface of the outdoor area or placed in the gutter. As soon as moisture is detected, the ETO2 controller activates the snow melting system. Once the sensor has dried out, the thermostat immediately goes in afterrun and the system will continue to provide heat for a predetermined amount of time.

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ETI Thermostat

2.3kW Snow melting thermostat without moisture detection

For frost protection applications for pipes, OJ provides thermostat ETI along with temperature sensor for pipe ETF-6

The ETI is an ON/OFF thermostat with adjustable differential temperature for control of temperature. When the sensor temperature is below the temperature set -1/2 differential the potential free relay is activated and heating is switched on. When the sensor temperature exceeds the temperature set +1/2 differential the relay breaks and the heating element is switched out and the LED is turned off. As the ETI is supplied with a change-over relay, the thermostat can also be used as a cooling thermostat.

  • ON/OFF thermostat with adjustable differental temperature
  • Can also be used as a cooling thermostat
Trace Heating Cable

28W/M Trace Heating Cable sold per Metre.

HDS can supply 28W/M trace heating cables for use in ACO-drains, to prevent them freEzing when the Ice and snow melting system is turned on.

Trace heating cables provide focused and controllable heat to prevent pipes and gutters from freezing, or to maintain process temperatures. The major benefits of trace heating are that the specialist cables ‘self regulate’ their temperature so they cannot overheat, and they can also be cut to length during installation to ensure the perfect fit, every time.

HDS supply a high quality European manufactured trace heating cable suitable for the vast majority of applications.

The trace heating cable can be controlled by the same control used for the driveway system.

Sold per meter, with a connection kit, we can also supply the same cold-lead we use on our normal cables.

Gutter heating thermostat

3.6kW Gutter heating thermostat with air temperature sensor

The ETR is a thermostat for economical control of de-icing cables in gutters in smaller buildings e.g. family houses. Icicles are formed within certain temperature ranges, and to neutralize this, heating cables are used where there is a tendency for ice to form. The critical temperature may be different from one building to another, or one position to another. The ETR is easy adjustable, and LED indicators assist in setting up the correct temperatures.

Thermostat control:

Type ETR is an electronic on/off thermostat with control of temperature by means of an NTC sensor. The heating output is switched on and off with a differential of only 0.4°C. Red LED indicates when heating is on.

The ETR is not RoHS compliant.

  • Electronic on/off control up to 16A / 3,600W.
  • 3 LEDs show actual operation.
  • Adjustable start/stop differential.
  • Delivered incl. outdoor sensor.
  • For DIN-rail mounting.
ETR2 Thermostat

3.6kW Snow melting thermostat with moisture detection option

The ETR2 gives an economical control of ice-and snow melting for all smaller applications. With focus on power consumption and easy installation, the ETR2 keeps gutters and small ground areas free of ice and snow.

  • Detection of temperature and moisture
  • Electronic on/off control up to 3,600W
  • For roof or gutter applications
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable moisture sensitivity
  • Possibility to activate forced heat
  • Economical control of ice and snow melting in the outdoor area and gutters
Portable outdoor heating mat

3m x 1m Portable outdoor heating mat 270W/sqm

Special Order – a longer lead time will be needed on delivery for this product

No plug on UK Model

The Mobile winter mat, Model Premium, produced in a durable, fire-resistant PVC outer layer that is welded around the heating mat. Inside, there is also 20 mm insulation and a heating mat that is equipped with a robust Ø7 m heating cable covered by alufoil, which spreads the heat evenly around the entire surface.

The heating mat is equipped with suspension belts for easy storage and eight eyes for hanging upright. The heating mat is available with an optional three-poled IEC 309 plug, DK plug or Schuko plug, and a 2.5 m neoprene connecting cable.

The Mobile heating mat has many uses within the area of thawing, for example before excavation work (20-50 cm per 24-hour period) and thawing of local frost, for example, in front of doors and thawing silage bales etc. It is also used for the heating if, for example, casting moulds, sand used for mortar, cable drums, machines etc. If required, the mat’s effect can be further increased by covering it with normal winter mats without heating cables. Note, however, that the integrated thermo safeguard must, in this case, also be completely covered or it will not have the correct point of reference, which might cause the product to burn out.

The placement of the thermo safeguard is marked on the mat.

The mat is available in two sizes, 1.0 x 3.0 m/850 W and a narrow model, 0.8 x 6.0 m 1400/W, which is very suitable to digging ditches and service lines.

Driveway heating cable with 15m coldtail

Driveway heating cable with 15m coldtail

Suitable for:

Concrete, Tarmac, Resin and in sand under Paving stones / Slabs

A high-quality uniquely designed cable suitable for heating beneath virtually any exterior surface. The cable forms the major part of HDS’s industry leading ice and snow melting systems for ramps, driveways, car parks, pathways and steps.

The sacrificial outer layer of insulation enables the cable to be directly covered with hot asphalt, saving time and costs when compared to a conventional heating cable installation.

FRO-TEM-SENS External ASir `Temperature Sensor

External air temperature sensor

The ETF-744/99 sensor is suitable for measuring outdoor temperature, and is normally used in combination with ETOR gutter sensors, but can also be used separately for temperature measurement only. An ETF sensor can also be used in combination with ETOG ground sensors for outdoor areas. The ETF sensor can detect rapid drops in air temperature, thus avoiding icy areas.

External-ground pipe temperature sensor

External ground/pipe temperature sensor

ETF is a temperature sensor designed for temperature control and monitoring in heating and cooling systems, and is suitable for pipe mounting (metal head).

The ETF sensor provides optimum temperature control.

FRO-GRO-SENS External moisture and temperature ground sensor

External moisture and temperature ground sensor

The ground sensor, type ETOG-55, is designed for embedding into the surface of the outdoor area. The sensor detects both temperature and moisture.

The sensor can be mounted where snow and ice problems normally occur.